Darren Hall

ADHD | PTSD | Brain Injury

Darren Hall


Darren Hall is well respected as an up-and-coming artist and one to watch. He has seen international success with his work appearing on New York City billboards, prestigious exhibitions, and numerous publications. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Darren is self-taught, giving him his own approach to - and definition of - art. He believes in constantly taking risks and utilizes multiple styles, making each his own.


  1. Private show Ambassador's residence Rabat, Morocco - 2009
  2. Dartmouth Regatta - 2013
  3. Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire - 2015

Darren suffered a brain injury as a result of a road traffic accident. His short-term memory issue affects his thought patterns and he considers himself blessed to have kept a conceptually creative mind. Tests have shown that being creative slows down the rate of deterioration. So for Darren, the more art- the better. 

Darren's artworks represent a meeting place between the traditional and the contemporary. While they can be classic examples of a long-established genre, their interpretation places them firmly in modern thoughts.

Photo of Kathleen Day-Gomez. An atractive blonde woman. She is dressed in business attire, navy blue. A white blouse, gold earrings and buttons. She is wearing a gold chain and is smiling.




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