Three Little Kings in the Eye of a Needle: Bringing Light, Hope and Peace to the World

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Just in time for Christmas the world-best microscopic artist Dr. Willard Wigan, MBE has created a magical microscopic Christmas masterpiece for the whole world to see!

The Three Little Kings in the Eye of a Needle is Willard’s latest microscopic sculpture. The micro sculpture was made for everyone, bringing a glimmer of magical light, hope and peace to the hearts and minds of everyone around the world this Christmas. This handmade microscopic sculpture was painstakingly created and intensely pieced together under a powerful microscope. Whilst juggling several other micro sculptures for next year's Disappearing World exhibitions, Willard spent hundreds of extra hours to complete the piece, working between heartbeats, working through the night and intensely focusing and concentrating to finish the piece just in time for Christmas.

Dr. Wigan used glitter (upper left) for the star and 24-karat gold for the crowns

The camels and kings are microscopic fragments of nylon, the star is made from micro fragments of glitter to make it shine and 24-carat gold was used for the crowns. Willard painted the micro sculpture using one of his eyelashes as a paintbrush.

"I hope this piece brings blessing Light, Hope and peace to the whole world this Christmas." - Dr. Willard Wigan, MBE

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Photographer: @paulwardphotography